This series of works addresses the preciousness of water, especially in a country such as Australia where drought is becoming the default state of existence for many of our rural communities. It imagines a time when water droplets become as rare as some of the curious specimens we find in the aging cabinets of our natural history museums. Each glass raindrop is labelled with the location co-ordinates of a drought afflicted township. The first work in the series was exhibited in 2008 in the rural city of Wagga Wagga at a show entitled Remembering Rain



cabinet of curiosities 3, 2008

handmade timber cabinet, flameworked glass, balsa wood, entomological pins and labels

170cm (H) x 56cm (W) x 45cm(D)

  • objects_cabinet3_full view_original
  • objects_cabinet3_closeup3_original
  • cabinet_closeup2_original
  • objects_cabinet3_label_original




cabinet of curiosities 2, 2008

handmade oak specimen case, flameworked glass raindrops, entomological pins and labels

43cm (H) x 52cm (W) x 32cm(D)

  • objects_cabinet2_full view_original
  • objects_cabinet2_detail_original


cabinet of curiosities 1, 2008

antique display case, flameworked glass raindrops, entomological pins and labels

120cm (H) x 92cm (W) x 62cm(D)

  • objects_cabinet1_fullview_original
  • objects_cabinet3_waterdrop_original
  • objects_cabinet1_sideview_original
  • objects_cabinet1_detail_original


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