365 Days: Day #54

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Today’s task was to come up with a drawing using the two random words – mouse and cup. Thought I would give my mouse a new bathtub!  

another year…. this time I’m making my way through the alphabet…

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I’ve decided to continue studying with the wonderful Carla Sonheim. This year we are working through the alphabet for inspiration. I’ve decided to post each of my alphabet drawing here each fortnight. And we begin…. A is for… [just click through each image]  

Digital Portraits

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Am trying my hand at some quick brushwork in Photoshop. Will keep posting here as I complete them. I am hoping to use the ones I like as studies for pastel and gesso works later on.

Self Portrait

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A colour palette exercise for Year of The Spark. This was an opportunity to create my first painting on an ipad. It was also my first attempt at oil painting. I’ve added some coloured pencil and collage work – just for good measure!

Hi There!

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My very first blogpost! Terrifying! I’ve dedicated this year to getting my art practice back up and running after a few years away. I’ve spent much of the last few years immersed in building our new home. It’s a beautiful space both for living and for working. But it completely absorbed my energy and headspace […]