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Here are some collages inspired by the wonderful Lynn Whipple’s Joy of Collage class:  

Colourising Old Black & White Photos

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Am intrigued by this process. It really brings old images to life. Here are my first attempts. The original images are sourced from the Library of Congress and have no copyright restrictions.  

Self Portrait

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A colour palette exercise for Year of The Spark. This was an opportunity to create my first painting on an ipad. It was also my first attempt at oil painting. I’ve added some coloured pencil and collage work – just for good measure!

Pavement Cracks

Pavement Cracks

Each month Carla Sonheim uploads a crack of the month. It’s a great exercise for loosening up the imagination. The idea is that you find the illustration in the pavement crack, and create some interesting artwork. Here are some of my crack drawings.

Still Life Flowers

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Have been painting and drawing a few still life works. My sister and I went on a very early morning excursion to the flower markets last weekend. It’s wonderful – bustling, vibrant – colour everywhere. And the mad rush to get to the best flowers first! These paintings were inspired by trip and also by […]

Coloured Pencil Play

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I like to do these coloured pencil drawings in front of the TV at night! Lots of fun. Inspired by old paintings and prints.  

Gesso Paintings

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This session of Year of The Spark! focussed on gesso painting. The gesso is applied thickly so as to create interesting textures. Watercolour and pencil are used for colour and line. Here are a few of my efforts:  

Hi There!

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My very first blogpost! Terrifying! I’ve dedicated this year to getting my art practice back up and running after a few years away. I’ve spent much of the last few years immersed in building our new home. It’s a beautiful space both for living and for working. But it completely absorbed my energy and headspace […]