another year…. this time I’m making my way through the alphabet…

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I’ve decided to continue studying with the wonderful Carla Sonheim. This year we are working through the alphabet for inspiration. I’ve decided to post each of my alphabet drawing here each fortnight. And we begin…. A is for… [just click through each image]  

New Stock in our Florie and Millie Store at Etsy

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My sister Franca and I have opened a new etsy store and will gradually add stock over the next few months. At this time, we’ve listed a selection of handcrafted bunny dolls. Please favourite our store in etsy  or pin the image below  if you have the time….we’d love for our dollies to get noticed […]

Making Stuff

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Have been working on a prototype for sale in our fledgling florieandmillie etsy store pre-Christmas and having so much fun! Am starting with a bunny-girl and am hoping to add a mouse girl. I love making all the teeny tiny clothes…..bit of a challenge on the sewing machine!      

Some Cute Australian Baby Animals

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Why not?  All done in coloured pencil plus some digital paint – just for fun..  

Linden New Art Postcard Show at St Kilda, Melbourne: 19 September – 21 November 2015

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Decided to submit some work to the show – my first outing as a 2D artist! Some simple illustrations in coloured pencil and pastel. Lots of fun. Anyone can enter – only proviso is that the work has to be 20cm x 25cm!  

Envelope Landscapes

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Following on from a task set by Lynn Whipple, I decided to create some landscapes on the backs of envelopes. What attracts me is the idea of something vast on something inconsequential. These are done in a combination of pencil, pastel and biro.

Pastel and Pencil Portraits

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Have bought myself a box of pastels and am going to try my hand at some pastel portraits. I remember seeing some pastel portraits by French masters at the Louvre some years ago and was completely blown away that such beautiful and precise work could be achieved with pastel sticks. Having tried my hand at […]

Digital Portraits

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Am trying my hand at some quick brushwork in Photoshop. Will keep posting here as I complete them. I am hoping to use the ones I like as studies for pastel and gesso works later on.

Monoprint Collages

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Some quick works done this week. Prints made from some black acrylic paint on glass, collaged with various papers and finished in photoshop.  

Mini Graphic Novel

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Mini flip books recounting true stories.